A bit about me

My name is Maya Shavin and Welcome to my personal website. I'm a Web Developer from Israel and work as Senior Frontend Developer at Cloudinary. I'm also an Ambassador for Nuxt.js, a intuitive Vue.js framework. Besides coding, I write about JavaScript tutorials and best practices, speak at conferences, and organize the Vuejs Israel community.

Recently I was featured in Women In STEM campaign, organized by 1 Million Women in STEM. It was always an honor to inspire other women and girls to pursue their dreams in STEM.

In my limited free time, I mainly contribute to OSS projects. At the moment I'm a core maintainer of StorefrontUI - UI Framework for E-commerce, M16Y Project and PokeGL for Pokemon.

You can catch up with me on Twitter, Facebook and Medium.

Feel free to ask me any questions 😄.

JavaScript programming language
Vue Framework
React Framework
Nuxt Framework
Gridsome Framework
Svelte Framework

My projects